CMMC Services

Why Deer Brook?

As a CMMC-AB accredited Registered Professional Organization™, Deer Brook’s team includes cyber professionals who have undergone training in the CMMC process and are ready to guide you in your preparation to meet the CMMC standards. With years of experience in cyber security, our highly credentialed team of professionals can find the right, sustainable solutions to ensure not only you meet the standards during an audit, but maintain your compliance year over year. Contact us now to get started!

Do We Need to Meet the CMMC Standards?

To be subject to CMMC, you must meet two tests:

  • Do you transmit, store or process either Federal Contract Information (FCI) or Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)?
  • Are you directly or indirectly a vendor to the DoD under a contract requiring CMMC certification?

If you’re unsure, you can speak to your customer or review the terms of your federal contract.  You must also understand the definitions, because some companies may themselves create FCI or CUI as part of their activities.  Not sure? Here’s a short article that explains CMMC or contact Deer Brook and we can help.

How Ready Is My Company?

If you’ve built a NIST-171 security program or have earnestly worked to meet FAR 52.204-21, you’re probably well on your way.  But CMMC has additional requirements and unlike your previous self-evaluations, regulated companies will be subject to independent audits.  For many, their well-intentioned efforts may not be sufficient.  The DoD hopes to have its entire supply chain – including vendors downstream of its prime contractors – certified by 2026.  Now is the time to begin preparation and review.  Take Deer Brook’s CMMC Rapid Assessment by clicking here.

How Can Deer Brook Help My Company?

Deer Brook can help you assess what requirements you must meet and build sustainable processes to help you meet and maintain compliance.  Services include:

  • GAP and NIST-171 Bridging Assessments
  • Pre-audit Readiness Reviews
  • Control and Practice Design and Implementation
  • Fractional Security Officers and Virtual Security Teams
  • Penetration Testing

Want to learn more?  Contact Deer Brook today!