Staff Augmentation

Hiring decisions are some of the most difficult a company faces. As if finding the right talent weren’t difficult enough, critical skills may not be needed on a full-time basis or the need may be transitory. Skills can also be transitory: keeping your cyber team’s skills fresh and in step with evolving technology is a real challenge.

Deer Brook helps clients with a variety of staffing models to best fit their needs and complement Deer Brook’s advisory services. By making highly skilled staff available to clients, Deer Brook helps its clients meet their info-security and privacy needs with the right level of staffing and professionals who are on the bleeding edge of their professional art.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) for Hire

person-with-briefcaseWhile very common in large organizations, CISO’s are often out-sized roles or out priced for many businesses. Nonetheless, following a cyber security event, when faced with building compliance programs, or when the right candidate is not at hand, a Deer Brook CISO-for-hire can provide the right expertise and maturity to guide security projects or program development without the commitment of long-term, full-time employment. Deer Brook CISOs are available on a long or short-term basis, depending on client needs.

Project Based Specialists

two-people-briefcaseThe skills and level of expertise needed to implement an information security system or startup a privacy program are not the same as those to implement the control or to oversee a program. Companies often are frustrated trying to find the right employees at the right price and experience to accomplish both goals. Deer Brook provides proven experts on an interim basis to get projects and programs on the rails. When the organization is ready to transition to sustainment and execution, Deer Brook will provide the right resource at the right price on a long-term contract basis for sustainment or train your employees to understand and manage your tools and programs successfully.


group-peopleInterviewing for both technical skills and cultural fit is a tedious and distracting process for most businesses, assuming that you can even find reasonably qualified candidates. In this increasing litigious environment, even probationary periods are no guarantee of being able to correct a poor hiring decision, even if it becomes evident early in the employment. Deer Brook helps its clients by making temporary resources available on a project or staff augmentation basis, and when mutually acceptable, clients can hire those resources to sustain their efforts internally.