Your customers and staff expect privacy, especially as it regards personal data.  But what does that mean and how does it relate to your company’s expectations and business objectives?  How do you effectively communicate and manage their expectations?  With the advent of HIPAA and other regulations, companies often find themselves with thorny dilemmas and confronted with the closely related issues of information security to protect that privacy.

Deer Brook’s team of professionals understand the nexus of technology and privacy policy.  Not only can Deer Brook leverage its team of cyber security professionals to address the protection of digital data, but Deer Brook’s team can help build and implement and privacy programs that both meet any regulatory requirements and address company business objectives.

Privacy Design

pencil-rulerWhat are the elements of an effective privacy program?  What is the most cost-effective and practical way to meet regulatory requirements, such as the HIPAA Privacy Rule?  Deer Brook’s team brings to bear experts in privacy who can design your program and help build privacy practices into all aspects of your business.  Bringing its pragmatic orientation and business experience, Deer Brook can help find the right mix of practices and process to design privacy into your organization.

Program Reviews and Assessments

check-listIs your privacy program compliant with applicable regulations and being effectively executed?  Are you keeping it up to speed with evolving regulations and business needs and technology?  Deer Brook’s team is ready to help you assure your privacy program is effective, being executed, and compliant.