Penetration and Other Testing

Your business has built out its security architecture and implemented its tools, but how are they performing?  Often driven by regulatory obligations or a desire to provide confidence of the work of its IT and security teams, Companies perform penetration test and other technical security reviews to model the adage you “expect what you inspect” and to help prioritize their continuing investment in security controls.

Deer Brook’s team will take a hard look at your cyber defense and using cutting edge tools and expertise, probe, prod, and test them to see if they are working as expected.  Knowing the difference between a test and a science project, Deer Brook’s team scales it’s depth of inquiry to meet your risk objectives and budget.

Penetration Testing

x-arrow-circleDeer Brook’s experts use industry-normed tactics, techniques, and procedures to access the efficacy of your technical controls.  By using automated tools and expert, manual inquiry, Deer Brook safely checks for weaknesses in your technical security controls.  Deer Brook provides its insights to your IT managers and helps develop remediation priorities and strategies to provide the most cost-effective outcomes for your business.

Vulnerability Assessments

thumb supDeer Brook’s team conducts customized vulnerability assessments of your IT environment to help assure that your processes are effective and there are unknown unknowns requiring action.  From vulnerability scanning to custom inquires for the presense of unnecessary tools, services, and protocols, Deer Brook can provide the assurance of an independent view of your environment, helping leaders feel confident that the hard work of its IT teams has met its standards.