Incident Response & Forensics

Few things are as disruptive and expensive to a business as a cyber-security incident, such as infection with malware or a virus.  Not only do costs often spiral seemingly out of control, but it is often the first time for a management team to confront this challenge, leaving them susceptible to missteps and unnecessary expenditures.

Deer Brook has led management teams through this time and helped them manage costs and get them back to focusing on their business quickly.  In addition to bringing cyber response experts to solve the technology problem and determine root causes and exposure, Deer Brook’s team offers exerts familiar with legal, regulatory, insurance, media and operational fields to guide management teams effectively through an incident – from onset to the return of a new normalcy.


microscopeDeer Brook brings technology experts steeped in the tactics, techniques, and procedures of cyber-attacks.  Thinking like hackers, Deer Brook is able to zero in on the source of an attack, determine the scope of potential compromise, and effectively find the bread crumbs to answer the question that management (and regulators) always want to know: how did it happen and what data was affected or compromised?

Incident Response

fire-truckDeer Brook’s IT and information security experts leverage specialized tools, know-how and incident response experience to rapidly manage the effects of a cyber incident.  Working with your IT staff or as a Deer Brook strike team, we chart the fastest and clearly risk-informed path to restored, safe IT operations.


ipad-newsCompany leaders, especially in the C-Suite, are often surprised with the viciousness and intensity of press coverage they are confronted with.  How does the company reassure customers and stay ahead of the media frenzy around cyber events?  Deer Brook brings the strategies and hard-won experience from large and small data breaches to advise company leaders or manage the communications campaign that often forms the greatest distraction and stress on company leaders.

Senior Management

groupData breaches and cyber incidents are all characterized by a common theme: uncertainty.  With this uncertainty is mixed the often narrow advice and concerns of specialized advisors: lawyers, investor relations, and operations staff.  Effective – and efficient – incident response requires orchestration of the senior leaders a company to stay focused on the issues at hand and to effectively marshal all elements of the company for tasks ahead.  Deer Brook’s expertise in the board room with numerous data breaches positions it to help guide the senior management team through both the prioritization of issues at hand and to see ahead of the next day or week to begin building action plans to get the company and management team focused on business.