Cyber Advisory Services

Information security management and privacy are built on a foundation of cyber security.  While this is often considered an area for techies, it is in fact a complex inter-disciplinary process, which requires not only technical expertise, but an appreciation of what an organization can accomplish and sustain.  Company leadership often struggles with not only what security controls are required or are best practices, but how to balance the operational and organizational impacts of those choices.

Deer Brooks knows how to develop strategies and security controls that your organization can successfully implement and, more importantly, sustain.  Deer Brook’s approach begins with understanding the technical and organizational drivers of its clients, allowing it to help them make cost effective choices that provide real security and privacy benefits.

Technical Control Selection

gearsTechnology leaders face a blizzard of sales calls, upsells, and new products.  If a company invests in a security tool, how will it perform and is the company mature enough to effectively implement it and realize the value of its investment?  Managed services provide an alternative, but does the company have the expertise to ensure that the implementation and SLAs are effective and a good value?  Deer Brook, with its focus on institutional capacity of the client, helps answer these questions, assisting its clients to pick the right tools and services to meet its security and privacy objectives.

Control Implementation

wrenchIf is an unfortunately retold story of how companies establish administrative controls and purchase security tools, but then fail to ensure that they are sustainably implemented.  In the face of an audit or cyber-security event, it is hard to explain why security and privacy controls weren’t considered, but even harder to explain why tools are ineffective or processes not followed.  Deer Brook, with its focus on intuitional capacity and operational effectiveness, helps its clients implement security and privacy decisions by ensuring controls are effectively and sustainably implemented.

Security Architecture

networkWhile security is often an afterthought, Deer Brook helps clients understand security is a foundation, built into the architecture of their IT systems.  Deer Brook helps clients consider how to compliment efficient and high-performing IT designs with security approaches to achieve its client’s dual objectives of superior and secure IT service.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

circle-arrowsAs in the popular commercial, mayhem can strike at any time, though not as comically.  How quickly can I restore services and perhaps more importantly, what data will be lost?  Deer Brook helps its clients work through development of recovery objectives through effective processes leading to actionable decisions.  Armed with analysis and effective thought, Deer Brook can help clients develop the strategies and implement the tools and processes to ensure business can stay on the rails in the worst of circumstances.

Policy & Governance Development

courthouseCompanies are often awash in beautifully produced binders of policies, but how does that protect the security and privacy of customer and employee information?  Deer Brook brings its pragmatic approach to help clients develop security programs and processes that are operationally effective and sustainable, as well as beautifully written!