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So many organizations breathed a sigh of relief when they successfully shifted their office workforces to remote in the Spring.  We prioritized continuity of operations and many of our teams stayed productive.  Success!

But our emergency IT arrangements have become routine, and organizations have begun realizing that remote work isn’t going away- vaccine or no.  It’s easy to forget that we didn’t spend a lot of time on risk and security when we sent our teams home.  Sure, you’ve checked the web for suggestions since and received lots of quotes and ideas from vendors for new equipment, but most of us haven’t made it a priority to take a fresh look as the risk and threats have evolved.

Deer Brook’s experts can help you uncover forgotten details and assumptions that may put your business at risk from threats like ransomware and phishing attacks.  We hope you look not just at your technology choices, but what policies you need and how approaches to security that worked in the office may no longer be effective in the remote model.

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Incident Response & Forensics

fireFew things are as disruptive and expensive to a business as a cyber-security incident, such as infection with malware or a virus.  Not only do costs often spiral seemingly out of control, but it is often the first time for a management team to confront this challenge, leaving them susceptible to missteps and unnecessary expenditures.

Deer Brook has led management teams through this time and helped them manage costs and get them back to focusing on their business quickly.  In addition to bringing cyber response experts to solve the technology problem and determine root causes and exposure, Deer Brook’s team offers exerts familiar with legal, regulatory, insurance, media and operational fields to guide management teams effectively through an incident – from onset to the return of a new normalcy.

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Cyber Advisory Services

desktopInformation security management and privacy are built on a foundation of cyber security.  While this is often considered an area for techies, it is in fact a complex inter-disciplinary process, which requires not only technical expertise, but an appreciation of what an organization can accomplish and sustain.  Company leadership often struggles with not only what security controls are required or are best practices, but how to balance the operational and organizational impacts of those choices.

Deer Brooks knows how to develop strategies and security controls that your organization can successfully implement and, more importantly, sustain.  Deer Brook’s approach begins with understanding the technical and organizational drivers of its clients, allowing it to help them make cost effective choices that provide real security and privacy benefits.

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Staff Augmentation

worker-badgeHiring decisions are some of the most difficult a company faces. As if finding the right talent weren’t difficult enough, critical skills may not be needed on a full-time basis or the need may be transitory.  Skills can also be transitory: keeping your cyber team’s skills fresh and in step with evolving technology is a real challenge.

Deer Brook helps clients with a variety of staffing models to best fit their needs and complement Deer Brook’s advisory services.  By making highly skilled staff available to clients, Deer Brook helps its clients meet their info-security and privacy needs with the right level of staffing and professionals who are on the bleeding edge of their professional art.

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Compliance – Audit

magnifying-glassThe old saw is that once you’re promoted to be a senior leader or officer of a company, you never hear the truth again.  While that implies the worst, the saying contains the germ of truth, whether because of agendas, budget pressures, or lack of sophistication.  Sometimes, a dispassionate review of security and privacy matters provides needed visibility or reveals an overlooked regulation, program, or best practice.

With its pragmatic orientation and understanding of the organizational drivers of security and privacy programs, Deer Brook’s team is able to not only conduct audits and reviews based on regulations, but can also zero in on the most relevant risks for companies of any size.  This focus on what constitutes effective, sustainable security and privacy measures provides meaningful insights for both information security professionals and organizational leaders.

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shieldYour customers and staff expect privacy, especially as it regards personal data.  But what does that mean and how does it relate to your company’s expectations and business objectives?  How do you effectively communicate and manage their expectations?  With the advent of HIPAA and other regulations, companies often find themselves with thorny dilemmas and confronted with the closely related issues of information security to protect that privacy.

Deer Brook’s team of professionals understand the nexus of technology and privacy policy.  Not only can Deer Brook leverage its team of cyber security professionals to address the protection of digital data, but Deer Brook’s team can help build and implement and privacy programs that both meet any regulatory requirements and address company business objectives.

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