General Information Only Presented on this Website

This website is established and intended solely to provide general information related to the business of Deer Brook Consulting, Inc. (“Deer Brook”).  The information contained on this website does not constitute a solicitation to engage in a business relationship and the content provided is not intended to provide legal advice of any kind.  The information on this website does not constitute advertising or an offer to engage in a contract or agreement for the delivery of services, including but not limited to legal services.  Information presented on this website is for general information purposes only. Deer Brook’s website is maintained from its New Gloucester, Maine office.

No Provision of Legal Services

Deer Brook may employ attorneys or other individuals with legal training or credentials, but not for purposes of providing legal services.  Their association with Deer Brook does not constitute a representation that they will either deliver legal services or seek to practice law in any state or other possession or subdivision of the United States, or in any foreign country.  Only by engaging in a written contract with a law firm – which Deer Brook is not –  in which such a firm expressly agrees to undertake legal representation of you can legal services be rendered and communications between you and it confidential or subject to legal privilege.  Viewing or submitting information on or via this website or submitting an email to an employee or member of Deer Brook, even if they are licensed to practice law,  does not constitute such a written contract and accordingly will not result in an obligation on the part of Deer Brook to deliver client services or to establish the attorney-client privilege related to such viewing or submission.

Communication and Use of the Website

Please do not submit confidential information to Deer Brook via email.  This website provides the capability to request Deer Brook to contact you.